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A supervised tutoring and homework help program combining the perfect blend of learning and fun, this club fosters the creative process while at the same time provides support to school age kids attending the traditional school system.  The club is open to students grades K-8th.


Lingua Academy's Club Camp provides support for homework, projects and studying for tests and quizzes from their local school in a FUN and safe environment! 

Campers are part of mixed-age groups. They may engage in a variety of clubs throughout the week such as Spanish, sports, arts, chess, horseback riding lessons and much more. 

What Lingua Academy's Club Camp offers you:

Campers will engage in their school assignments provided by their school teachers and receive in  support from our Lingua Academy tutors. 

√ Personalized Support

The greatest benefit of a small, efficient program is that support in a campers education can be tailored to each child's specific needs. Tutors are able to nurture children individually, each at their own paced and follow academic goals set forth by their school teachers.

√ Reflection and Accountability

Campers learn accountability as they close the day. They themselves are responsible for maintenance, which occurs daily. 

Our Team​

Campers are guided and mentored by tutors and coaches who have a wealth of knowledge to share. Their role is to support camper learning in a safe, nurturing environment and to lead campers to the greatest learning outcomes.

Tutors nurture, grow, and provide support to campers to the best of their abilities. Their approach is hands-on and direct. A tutor becomes intimately familiar with the strengths, needs, and personality of each camper. A tutor's job is to guide. They assist each camper in their individual quest for knowledge, but are facilitators rather than organizers. Tutors encourage younger and older students to listen, affirm, set goals and hold themselves accountable.​


Children with a balanced academically and playful education have a competitive edge in the real world. A flexible learning program enhancing children's schooling through FUN and interactive lessons offer many benefits. These are some of the benefits your children and you will enjoy from Lingua Academy:
Your child will grow with an advantage to take a productive place in our increasingly diverse world​.
Learning in a FUN and nature driven environment allowing children to enjoy their learning experience.



Other Clubs run for 45 minutes to 1 hour, they meet once or twice per week between the hours of 3:00PM and 5:00PM

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*5% off monthly enrollment

Personalized attention, self-paced learning, and low ratios
Action and themed language classes focusing on culture, vocabulary, reading, writing and conversation.
Team building and leadership skill development

Other Programs Available

√ Microschool K-12 & Lingua Academy

Our Micro-School Program engages children in our Enter-Training approach. Combining the perfect blend of learning and FUN! Our Learning Center is a revolutionary Microschool that is the model for the future of education. We have everything your child needs to thrive and succeed without the stress and anxiety of “traditional” schooling. Students will experience math, reading, language arts, science, social studies, Spanish and real life lessons through fun and interactive sessions.

√ Language Learning, Lingua Language Center Proven Methodology

Students engage in language learning through our proven LINGUA Methodology. Our courses combine a proven track record of successful language learning since 1998. Hearing, seeing, living, feeling, touching, smelling and tasting knowledge. Language learning includes conversation, vocabulary, reading, writing and culture. Spanish, Italian and French are offered once and twice per week during the afternoon hours. 

√ Horseback Riding, Lingua Riding Equestrian Team

Lingua Ranch offers English Riding lessons that include Show Jumping and are designed to fit the needs of each rider. The Year-Round Program is offered in both private and group classes that fit each riders level. Our Program allows riders to enjoy enriching, fun experiences while developing equine, leadership, teamwork, and critical thinking skills. Our aim is to nourish the connection between rider and  horse while developing confidence on the flat or over jumps. Riders get to develop a unique experience focused on comprehensive horsemanship rooted in a deep love for horses. Riders choose to ride once, twice or three times per week. They will also participate in equestrian competitions from time to time.

√ After-School Tutoring Program

Lingua Academy is a Tutoring Program. Tutoring is offered to enhance acquisition as well as their academic, personal, cognitive and social growth in a safe and educational environment. Tutoring sessions follow a K-5 curriculum engaging children in the various school subjects.  A program like no other, children engage in academically directed sessions, enhancing their learning through FUN and interactive sessions. Offered Monday through Friday during afternoon hours. 

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